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Many visitors to İstanbul are using crowded big tour boats or the public ferry where there is hardly any room to move. There is actually a more enjoyable alternative: Private yacht cruises on Bosphorus!

Private yacht cruises on Bosphorus allow private groups without being surrounded and disturbed by an overwhelmingly large number of other tourists. The best thing about these private Bosphorus yachts is that even though you are enjoying a princely lifestyle, you do not have to pay a princely fee to be able to afford it!

Although the minimum length of all of our Bosphorus and yacht tours is 2 hours and only covers the Old Istanbul segment, it is recommended to see northern parts of Bosphorus, too. When the opportunity is available, many of our guests choose 3 to 4 hours cruises in order to see more of the Bosphorus.

On our longer trips such as full-day Princes’ Islands cruises or Mouth of Black Sea cruises, guests are given the chance to drop anchor and swim in some of the nicest and safest spots of the coast of Turkey. If younger guests are not entertained by the magic of Bosphorus, there is free wireless on board, as well as TV and sound system which are available for guests to use at any time during the journey.

With that being said, a short summary regarding this mysterious waterway might be useful: Bosphorus marks the traditional boundary between Asia and Europe also connecting The Black Sea with the Sea of Marmara. As well as being an area of natural beauty, the area has incredible historical significance and played an important part in the histories of the Greek, Roman, Ottoman, Persian and Byzantine Empires. For all these reasons and more, Bosphorus cruise is the most popular attraction in Istanbul.

We can also organise marriage proposals and private dinner cruises.
Imagine how special a proposal could be if you were able to ask the person of your dreams for marriage while you are on a luxury private yacht in the middle of mighty Bosphorus during your special, romantic holiday to Istanbul? Or, bring your family and friends to join you for dinner and a long evening of unforgettable moments as you watch the sunset along the Bosphorus.

As more travelers seek out luxury vacation options that ensure exclusivity, security and peace of mind, many are opting for private yachts. With its ultra-hygienic and self-sustaining environment, a private superyacht is a safe sanctuary and affords guests a worry-free quality time with their beloved ones.

In addition to all that, there will be a private guide in your own language who will explain you the history and importance of all monuments from the sea. At the end of the tour, you will have a great collection of pictures and videos.

Private Guided Yacht

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Tour Includes

  • Private Yacht Fee (2 Hours)

  • Guide Fee

  • Coffee & Tea & Snacks On Board

Tour Excludes

  • Food & Beverage on Board

  • Transportation Costs ( If there is any)

  • Tips for the Guide & Driver & Yacht Staff


We are always glad to see happy guests that enjoy the Istanbul from the sea with our Private Guided Yacht Tours. It’s a quite, private and uniqe way to share the joy of the city

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