Istanbul Kart

Istanbul is one of the most crowded cities in the world and it inhabits roughly 30 million people and every day about 2-3 million tourists are commuting. It extends from Silivri on the west to Gebze on the east and it is located between the Black Sea on the north and The Marmara Sea on the south.

In such a big city, it is estimated that 12 to 13 million people are using public transportation, daily. There are many means of public transportation by the way. Tram, metro, metrobus, public bus, funicular and public ferries are just to name a few.

To be able to use these different means of public transportation, one has to use a card called Istanbulcard. By using an Istanbul card, anyone can travel from one point to another.

How to Apply for Istanbulkart Online?

To buy Istanbulkart online, you have to visit the website as shown below:

All you have to do is fill out the application form in Istanbul/your location. You will be asked for some personal data and a photograph from your application. After you complete the application form, then your Istanbul card will be delivered to the address you have entered.

How Long Does it Take for the Online Istanbulkart to Arrive?

If you complete your online application, your Istanbul card will be produced and delivered to PTT Cargo within 2 business days at the latest. Your Istanbulcard is delivered via PTT to the address you specified during your application.

Where Else You Can Obtain IstanbulKart?

In every tram station, there are machines like jetonmatiks. You can buy your İstanbulcard from these machines. Instructions are easy and user-friendly. But if you still have hardships getting it, then it is advisable to consult the security guy that is available at each station and ready to help passengers.

Apart from that, if you need Istanbul kart urgently after your plane lands on, then it is possible that you can buy Istanbulkart at the Istanbul Airport and also you can buy Istanbulkart at Sabiha Gökçen Airport. At each airport, there are biletmatik machines where you insert money and the machine will give you back Istanbul card. You can also upload money to your Istanbulkart at the airport by using these biletmatik machines.

How Much Does İstanbulCard Cost?

Istanbul Kart prices vary. Istanbul card prices change for different social groups and for the usage of different purposes. However, concerning the tourists who want to know about Istanbul Kart prices, currently it is sold for 70 YTL (Turkish currency). It is about 2€ or 2.5$ US per card by January 2024.

To start using it, you have to first upload some money in it and then when you travel from one point to another, it takes about 18YTL per way.

In addition to that, if you are a group of people and traveling together, then you do not have to buy Istanbulkart for each and every one! You just buy one Istanbulcard and use it multiple times for each passenger and for each travel.


To benefit from transfers, distance-based charges, free passes offered on special days, and campaigns offered for shopping; In case the Istanbulkart is stolen or lost, the Istanbulkart must be personalized in order to secure the balance and have it canceled. To be able to personalize your İstanbulKart, you have to download Istanbulkart app.

How to Download IstanbulKart App for Tourists?

You should open your playstore and search for “IstanbulKart” and download it. After you download İstanbulkart app, you can insert essential information and start using it.

İstanbulkart is Now Available in Mobile

Istanbulkart mobile application is shaped in line with user needs and experiences. Using Financial Technology (FinTech), a new step has been taken in digital transformation. With the advantages of digitalization in payment systems, Istanbulkart aims to become the favorite payment tool of its 20 million users. Istanbulkart mobile application uses fully local and national software and financial technology infrastructure to provide an easy, fast and safe payment option both for İstanbulites and tourists who visit İstanbul.

Can I Withdraw Money from ATMs with Istanbulkart?

At the end of work in progress which is planned to be completed by the year 2024, payment transactions made from POS devices with credit card or debit card will be compatible with Istanbulkart. Istanbul card can be used to withdraw or deposit money from all ATMs without the need for a bank card.

By this token, people who possess IstanbulKart will be able to make shopping from big supermarket chains like Migros, A101, BIM, SOK etc. Not only this but numerous other services will beneficially be available for IstanbulKart users. For instance, you are a tourist and you will return back to your country tomorrow but lo and behold, there is some money left in your Istanbul Kart which you uploaded previously but have not used. In this case, you will be able to go to any ATM machine and pull out your money.

What Happens If Your IstanbulKart Gets Broken or Stolen?

It is a crucial question for every Istanbul cardholder. If you are suspicious that your Istanbulcard has been stolen or got lost for any reason, then you have to go to one of the BEYAZ MASA headquarters in İstanbul. Beyaz masa quarters are abundant and you can find them in every major tram station like Beyazıt or Eminönü or Taxim.

You report it to the employee in charge in the headquarters and they will prepare you a new Istanbulkart. However, if any money remains in your stolen or broken card, that amount will sadly be not transferred to your new card and your old Istanbul card will be canceled and void.