Tourists on private car tour enjoying Istanbul’s Gülhane Park. Tourists on private car tour enjoying Istanbul’s Gülhane Park.
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Explore Istanbul's Byzantine & Ottoman Heritage

Join us on this extraordinary journey to explore the Byzantine and Ottoman heritage of Istanbul. With a private guide by your side, you'll embark on a captivating exploration of history, culture, and cuisine, creating unforgettable memories along the way.

Istanbul, a city where East and West converge, beckons with its mystical allure.

Introduction and Historical Significance

Private yacht tour near the ancient walls of Istanbul’s peninsula.
Business group on a private yacht discussing near Istanbul's shores.

Tour Experience and Cultural Immersion

Experience iconic landmarks, gain cultural insights, and capture the essence of Istanbul's heritage through your camera lens

Private Layover Tour from Taksim and Sultanahmet Hotels

Shopping for local crafts in Grand Bazaar during Istanbul layover
Luxury private car ride through Istanbul's historic center
Private car pickup from Taksim for layover tour of Istanbul's historic sites.
Exploring Topkapı Palace's lavish interiors on Istanbul layover.
Guests admiring ancient artifacts at Topkapı Palace during tour.
Tour guide discussing Ottoman history in Sultanahmet on layover.
Private layover tour exploring vibrant streets of Sultanahmet.
Returning to hotel after exploring historical wonders of Istanbul.
Viewing the stunning mosaics inside Hagia Sophia on a private layover tour.
Visitors exploring the opulent chambers of Topkapı Palace, Istanbul layover.
Private tour car awaiting guests outside Taksim hotel at dawn
Tourists admiring the intricate calligraphy inside Blue Mosque.
Close-up of hand-made carpets in Topkapı Palace during guided tour.
Sultanahmet's cobblestone streets bustling with culture on layover.
Guide pointing out Hagia Sophia's Byzantine architecture to visitors
Experiencing Istanbul's historical grandeur at Topkapı Palace's gates.
Navigating through vibrant bazaars of Istanbul during private tour.

Private Layover Tour from Taksim and Sultanahmet Hotels

Starting From: €150


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Full Day Tour Duration: Approx. 6-8 Hours 
Tour Starting Point:
Your Hotel / Accommodation 
Tour Ending Point:
Your Hotel / Accommodation 
Tour Includes:
Private tour, Professional Licensed Tour Guide
Tour Excludes:
Entrance Tickets, Transportation, Lunch, Drinks, Tips to Guide (Recommended) 




Private Layover Tour from Taksim and Sultanahmet Hotels

Maximize your layover in Istanbul with our exclusive Private Layover Tour from Taksim and Sultanahmet Hotels, tailored for travelers seeking to explore the city's top highlights during their extended stopover. Whether you are staying in the vibrant Taksim Square or the historic Sultanahmet area or any other hotel near seaside, our carefully organised itinerary ensures that you experience the cultural and historical wonders of Istanbul's Old City Sultanahmet before your next departure.

Hassle-Free Meeting with Your Guide at Your Hotel

Your adventure begins directly from your hotel in Istanbul, whether it is located in the busy Taksim district or a close neighborhood. If your hotel is located in Sultanahmet, then you would probably not need to use public transportation as all the top attractions are located nearby. Our professional and friendly guide will ensure a smooth and comfortable journey as you make your way to the heart of Istanbul's historic center.

Immerse Yourself in History at Hagia Sophia

Your first stop on this captivating journey is the iconic Hagia Sophia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that stands as a testament to Istanbul's rich and diverse history. Step inside this architectural marvel, where Byzantine grandeur meets Ottoman splendor, and marvel at the stunning mosaics, towering domes, and centuries-old artifacts that adorn its interior.

Admire the Architectural Marvel of the Blue Mosque

Next, prepare to be enchanted by the breathtaking beauty of the Blue Mosque, one of Istanbul's most iconic landmarks. Named for the exquisite blue tiles that adorn its interior, this majestic mosque is a masterpiece of the Ottoman architecture, with its towering minarets, cascading domes, and intricate calligraphy leaving visitors in astonishment of its grandeur.

Explore the Magnificent Topkapı Palace

Continue your journey through time as you explore the expanding grounds of Topkapı Palace, once the opulent residence of the Ottoman sultans. Wander through the palace's immersive complex, where you will encounter priceless artifacts, beautiful hand-made carpets, dazzling jewelleries, and stunning panoramic views of the Bosphorus and Golden Horn.

Indulge in Local Delights

After immersing yourself in Istanbul's rich history, take some time to explore the vibrant streets of Sultanahmet, where local bazaars and outlet shops await. From colorful carpets and intricate ceramics to shining jewelleries and delectable sweets, there's no shortage of treasures to discover as you wander through the labyrinthine alleys of the Grand Bazaar and local shops.

By the way, your local tour guide will show you the best places for shopping and help you with some bargaining games which is part of the Turkish culture.

Return to Your Hotel 

As your layover tour comes to an end, you will be accompanied back to your hotel. We will ensure a smooth and stress-free experience from start to finish. 

On the way back, you will have a great collection of pictures and videos reflecting on the unforgettable memories you have created and the hidden gems you have uncovered. You will depart Istanbul with a newfound appreciation for this captivating city and its timeless beauty.

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• We kindly request our guests to be ready 5 minutes before the agreed departure time.
• Tour fees include guidance.
• Luxury Istanbul Tours is not responsible for any loss or larceny of personal belongings during the tour.
• Please be on time at the meeting points during the tour period given by the tour guide.
• Hat and sunglasses on summer days, umbrella on rainy days and warm clothing on winter days are advised.


Istanbul is historically significant as the crossroads of the Byzantine and Ottoman empires, rich in culture and history.

The tour includes iconic landmarks like Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Topkapı Palace, and more.

Our expert tour guides are fluent in various languages to provide personalized commentary.

Practical Information and Added Value

Gain practical tips for dressing appropriately, considering the weather, and what to bring. Enjoy added value like personalized attention, flexibility in your itinerary, and expert bargaining tips during shopping.

Entrance fees to attractions are not included, but your guide will have a pre-paid tickets or he will assist in purchasing tickets on-site. In both cases, you will have priority to enter.

Yes, you can choose a convenient start time based on your preference.

No, lunch is not included in the tour. However, your tour guide will advise you the best local restaurants.


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Hear from Our Happy Travelers


Our Istanbul landmarks tour with Eureka Luxury Istanbul Tours, led by our guide Elena, was a captivating journey through history. The Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque showcased the city's cultural richness. The Süleymaniye Mosque's elegance and Dolmabahçe Palace's grandeur left a lasting impression. The Spice Bazaar and Grand Bazaar added a lively touch. A well-rounded tour for those seeking an immersive experience.

Andreas Becker

Eureka Luxury Istanbul Tours provided an enriching exploration of Istanbul's landmarks. The Topkapı Palace and Basilica Cistern offered a glimpse into the city's royal past. Our guide, Michael, made each visit informative and engaging. The underground marvels and architectural wonders, including the Hippodrome, were complemented by the vibrant energy of the Grand Bazaar. A delightful journey into Istanbul's cultural heritage.


Our Istanbul adventure with Eureka Luxury Istanbul Tours was superb. The guided tour of landmarks like the Blue Mosque and Süleymaniye Mosque was educational and inspiring. The Dolmabahçe Palace's opulence and the dynamic atmosphere of the Grand Bazaar created a perfect balance. Kudos to our guide, Sarah, for sharing fascinating insights. A highly recommended tour for those craving a deeper understanding of Istanbul's treasures.

Daniel Kim
London, UK

Thank you to Eureka Luxury Istanbul Tours for a mesmerizing exploration of Istanbul's landmarks. The Spice Bazaar and Dolmabahçe Palace were highlights of our journey. The Hippodrome's historical significance and the grandeur of the Süleymaniye Mosque added depth to our understanding. Our guide, Ahmed, made each stop meaningful. The Grand Bazaar was a sensory delight, making this tour a truly memorable experience.

Ahmed K.
Cairo, Egypt

Our Istanbul landmarks tour with Eureka Luxury Istanbul Tours was a cultural odyssey. The Topkapı Palace and Basilica Cistern offered a glimpse into the city's regal past. The Süleymaniye Mosque's architectural beauty and the lively atmosphere of the Grand Bazaar made this journey unforgettable. Our guide, Emma, provided engaging narratives, enhancing each site's significance. A fantastic exploration of Istanbul's historical treasures.

Maria L.
Madrid, Spain
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