Glamour Meets Style:
Istanbul's Premier Shopping Destinations

Step into the heart of Luxury at Istanbul’s best factories and outlets where you can see the finest examples of Carpet, Leather and Jewellery!

Modern Elegance: Istanbul's Luxury Retail Haven

Elegance Unleashed: Istanbul's Luxury Avenue

Factory Visits in Istanbul: Carpets, Jewelry, and Leather.

Explore the Authentic World of Turkish Carpets, Jewelry, and Leather

Embark on a Journey of Craftsmanship and Tradition

Part 1: Carpet Factory Visit - The Art of Turkish Carpets

Unlock the Rich History:

  • Discover the longstanding tradition of Turkish carpet making, from vibrant Anatolian kilims to luxurious Ottoman silk carpets.

Exclusive Shopping Experience:

  • Visit a carpet factory for the best selection and prices, avoiding the markup of middlemen in the Grand Bazaar.
  • Learn key factors to consider when purchasing a carpet, such as color, size, and design.

Part 2: Jewelry Factory Visit - The Elegance of Turkish Jewelry

The Allure of Jewelry:

  • Explore the captivating world of jewelry, understanding the purity of gold, craftsmanship, and the difference between machine-made and hand-made pieces.

Guided Factory Experience:

  • Visit a reputable jewelry factory for authenticity, fair prices, and a wide range of options.
  • Learn about the weight and cost implications of jewelry, especially pieces with precious stones.

Part 3: Leather Factory Visit - Timeless Leather Fashion

Leather's Timeless Appeal:

  • Discover the enduring fashion statement of leather and learn how to discern genuine and real leather.
  • Find the perfect leather jacket tailored to your body type and style preferences.

Authentic Factory Experience:

  • Choose a reputable leather factory for genuine products, fair pricing, and a diverse range of options.

Part 4: The Ultimate Factory Visit Experience

Your Gateway to Authenticity and Affordability:

  • Enjoy a comprehensive tour of Istanbul's largest factories for carpets, jewelry, and leather.
  • Experience demonstrations, history, and artistry behind these exquisite products.
  • Opportunity to explore, feel, and purchase authentic Turkish crafts.

Join Luxury Istanbul Tours for an immersive journey into the heart of Turkish craftsmanship. Witness the beauty and skill behind these traditional products, and take home a piece of Turkey's rich cultural heritage.

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•%20 discount for children between the ages 3-6, free for the ages between 0-2. Age should be proven by ID or passport if asked by guide or company.
• Smoking is forbidden inside the van.
• Tour fees include transportation and guidance.
• Luxury Istanbul Tours is not responsible for any loss or larceny of personal belongings during the tour.
• Please be on time at the meeting points during the tour period given by the tour guide.
• Hat and sunglasses on summer days, umbrella on rainy days and warm clothing on winter days are advised.

Luxury Shopping Tours

Artisans at work in a Turkish carpet factory, weaving vibrant Anatolian kilims and luxurious Ottoman silk carpets
Shoppers experiencing the exclusive carpet selection process in Istanbul, guided by expert craftsmen
Detailed view of handcrafted Turkish jewelry, highlighting the elegance and purity of gold craftsmanship
Visitors exploring a reputable jewelry factory in Istanbul, learning about the intricacies of hand-made versus machine-made pieces.
Fashion-forward leather jackets on display, showcasing timeless leather fashion from Istanbul's top factory.
Expert demonstrating the fine art of leather selection and tailoring to visitors, ensuring a perfect fit and style.
Comprehensive tour group exploring Istanbul's largest factories, diving into the world of traditional Turkish crafts.
Artisan sharing the history and technique behind Turkish carpet making, with finished pieces as vibrant examples.
Jewelry factory visit in Istanbul, where visitors learn about the weight and cost implications of precious stone settings.
Guests feeling the texture of real leather at an authentic factory visit, guided by experienced leather artisans.
Enthusiastic tourists learning about the unique designs and color significance of traditional Turkish carpets during a factory visit
Close-up of intricate gold jewelry craftsmanship, showcasing the skillful artistry found in Istanbul's renowned jewelry factories
Interactive demonstration by a master carpet weaver, revealing ancient techniques that continue to inspire modern Turkish designs.
Fashionable leather goods arrayed in an Istanbul factory showroom, inviting visitors to discover their perfect style and fit
Guests at a leather factory in Istanbul, getting personalized advice on selecting high-quality, genuine leather jackets and accessories.
Visitors marveling at the dazzling array of fine Turkish jewelry, learning about the art of goldsmithing during a factory tour
An artisan carefully selecting threads for a new Turkish carpet, embodying centuries-old traditions in every knot and color choice.
A guided tour inside a jewelry factory, where guests witness the meticulous process of setting precious stones into exquisite pieces.
Leather artisans demonstrating the cutting and sewing process, highlighting the attention to detail in creating timeless leather fashion.
A vibrant display of finished Anatolian kilims and silk carpets, ready for guests to take home a piece of Turkey's rich cultural heritage.

Luxury Shopping Tours

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Istanbul's luxury shopping scene combines a rich history of craftsmanship with modern luxury brands, offering an exclusive shopping experience that blends traditional and contemporary styles in unique settings.

Our expert shopping guides offer commentary in various languages, providing personalized and knowledgeable insights into Istanbul's shopping scene.

Practical Information and Added Value

Gain practical tips for dressing appropriately, considering the weather, and what to bring. Enjoy added value like personalized attention, flexibility in your itinerary, and expert bargaining tips during shopping.

The tour typically covers the guidance and transportation. Shopping purchases and any personal expenses are not included in the tour price.

Absolutely! Our Luxury Shopping Tours can be customized to suit your style preferences and interests, focusing on the types of brands or products you are most interested in.

While dining is not typically included, our guides can recommend and stop at chic cafes or luxury dining spots for a break, enhancing your luxury shopping experience.


A delightful journey into Turkish craftsmanship! The carpet, jewelry, and leather factory visits provided us with a unique understanding of these art forms. The knowledgeable guides helped us make informed choices, and we left with beautiful, authentic pieces. Truly an enriching experience!

Emma and Mark Foster
Los Angeles

As a solo traveler, I appreciated the insider access to the carpet, jewelry, and leather factories. Learning about the intricate processes and being able to purchase directly from the source made the entire experience more meaningful. Highly recommend for those seeking genuine Turkish craftsmanship.

Carlos Martinez

An exploration of elegance and tradition! The jewelry factory visit was a highlight for me. The expert guidance on understanding the quality of gold and handmade pieces was invaluable. I now have a beautiful piece of Turkish jewelry with a story to tell. Thank you for this authentic adventure.

Sophie Johnson

A true taste of Turkish culture! The carpet factory visit was a revelation, and the selection was unparalleled. The leather and jewelry experiences were equally captivating. This tour provides a fantastic opportunity to bring home authentic Turkish treasures. Shukran!

Ahmed Al-Farsi

A journey through Turkish craftsmanship! The comprehensive factory visits exceeded our expectations. From the intricate patterns of the carpets to the elegance of Turkish jewelry and the timeless appeal of leather, each stop was a delight. Grateful for the insights and the chance to take home genuine souvenirs.

Lucia and Giovanni Rossi
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